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I understand that finding the right attorney is critical and would welcome the opportunity to assess your situation, answer your questions, and explain our ability to help -- even if that means helping you find an attorney with more expertise related to your legal matter. I believe that everyone should have access to legal counsel. I specialize in Consumer Protection, Contracts, H-1B visas, Landlord & Tenant, and Family law matters, but would be delighted to speak with you about any legal matter. Each legal matter is unique and requires an individualized approach, specialized experti... Read more
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University of California, Los Angeles School of Law (UCLA)

JDGraduated in 2011

University of Michigan

BBAGraduated in 2002
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Evicting a Tenant

Failure to pay rent is a serious problem for any landlord, but evicting a tenant requires careful consideration because an improper eviction could subject a landlord to significant liability.

Forcing landlords to make repairs

Landlords and tenants are equally required to follow the lease terms and when the lease requires the landlord to perform maintenance or make repairs, the landlord must follow the lease.

Contract Review Basic

Get an in-depth review of a contract of up to 5 pages.

Collecting on a Judgment

Congratulations on winning a judgment! Hopefully the losing party will simply pay you right away, but if not, the next step is trying to collect on that judgment. Afterall, the goal probably was not to win, bu to recover the money you are owed.

Contract Review Plus

Get an in-depth review of a contract of up to 15 pages.

Lemon Law

Virginia and D.C. both have "lemon laws" to allow consumers to return a vehicle that has so many problems that the vehicle was in the shop more than on the road. There are several questions that you need to answer: 1) Who Sold You the Vehicle?; 2) For What Purpose Do You Use the Vehicle?; 3) Did the Purchase Include a Warranty?; and 4) How Long Ago Did You Purchase the Vehicle?

Ending a lease early

Your lease may or may not allow you to terminate the lease early, but if you are permitted to end the lease early, there are likely conditions you must meet and requirements you must follow.

Consumer Protection Act

Virginia and D.C. both have Consumer Protection Acts that allow consumers to sue business who engage in one of dozens of actions harmful to consumers who trust the business to provide the goods or services and both laws allow the consumer to potentially recover attorneys' fees and punitive type damages.

Contract Review Pro

Get an in-depth review of a contract of up to 25 pages.