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Vonda K V.
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Vonda K Vandaveer

Lawyer at V.K. Vandaveer, PLLC

Washington, District of Columbia

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Vonda K. Vandaveer is admitted to practice law in California (inactive) and Washington, DC (active). She has lived and worked in the United States, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe representing clients in their international business transactions, U.S. government contracting efforts, and... Read more

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Business and Corporate
Labor and Employment


District of Columbia , California



Professional References

I have worked with attorney Vonda Vandaveer on many cases for 5-10 years. Our work has included employment, immigration, business contract and litigation matters. She is very knowledgeable, smart, diligent, ethical and reasonable. I could not recommend her strongly enough.

Michael BrownI know Vonda K Vandaveer in another capacity

Vonda is a wonderful attorney with a tremendous amount of expertise related to immigration matters. As a colleague, if I have any immigration questions or issues, Vonda is the first person I contact -- especially for H-1B cases.

Steven KriegerI know Vonda K Vandaveer in another capacity

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V.K. Vandaveer, PLLC

Washington, District of Columbia, 20038-7317

Georgia State University College of Law

JDGraduated in 2000